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Ah Hong Char Kway Teow @ Cheng Heng Java Store Inwards Seri Austin Jb 啊 康炒果条 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

I am ever on the await out for proficient char kway teow similar many Malaysians too Singaporeans. Ah Hong's char kway teow inwards Taman Seri Austin didn't actually bowled me over but I know many people similar this means of CKT then I am sharing it here.

Ah Hong runs his char kway teow stall amongst his mum too a helper. They also serve asam laksa.

Ah Hong's mum patiently peels the alive blood cockles at the stall every day.

They are then bloody fresh 😄 You tin odour the blood 😄

Ah Hong peels the fresh prawns at the stall every day.

Prawns too blood cockles then fresh , win already lor similar that.... . The prawns were quite large or then more..... .

Ah Hong who hails from Ipoh has over a decade of F & B sense , too was working inwards a zhi char stall earlier starting his ain char kway teow stall.

A serving of char kway teow at Ah Hong's costs RM5.50.

The rice ribbon noodles or kway teow were fried inwards a blend of lard too cooking oil. There was or then wok sear caramelising the nighttime soy sauce blend on the noodles. This gave off a squeamish aroma too savoury toasty sense of savor to the noodles (referred to every bit wok hei).

The savoury sweetness toasty flavor was quite robust though personally I prefer it fifty-fifty stronger. There was a squeamish underlying spiciness every bit I had asked for or then chili inwards my char kway teow.

Ah Hong's char kway teow was the dry out type too I know many people similar this. Personally , I similar my kway teow wetter (it's only something I grew upwardly amongst inwards Singapore , that's all).

I also wished that the rice ribbon noodles were softer too bring a subtle underlying rice sense of savor (like those inwards Ipoh too Penang). Ah Hong's JB sourced rice noodles were a fight likewise theatre too springy for me.

I similar it that Ah Hong fries the egg separately from the kway teow too only folds it into the noodles when it is cooked. This allows me to sense of savor to a greater extent than egginess.

It is also groovy that Ah Hong puts a generous amounts of Chinese chives 韭菜 amongst its distinct grassy sense of savor inwards his char kway teow (something which to a greater extent than too to a greater extent than CKT stalls omit nowadays).

The edible bean sprouts though skinny had a squeamish sweetness juicy crunch.

Lup cheong (Cantonese waxed sausage) fried to tease out its savoury salty grease added or then other layer of flavor to the noodles. The slices of wax sausages likewise brought its ain distinct savoury flavor to the dish. I similar my char kway teow to bring lup cheong.

One of the nicest prawns that I've had inwards a plate of char kway teow. Nice sweetness juicy crunch.

The itsy bitsy blood cockles were a proficient examination of my chopstick too one-hand photograph taking skills 😅

They may endure minor but the briny fresh cockles tasted good. Next fourth dimension , I shall inquire for extra blood cockles (at additional damage , of course).

Talking near adjacent fourth dimension , I shall hollo back to inquire Ah Hong for or then lard cracklings 豬油渣 in my CKT.

Nothing left on the plate. No leftover sauce , no balance grease.

Restaurant name: Ah Hong Kuay Teow Goreng 啊康炒果条

Address: Jalan Seri Austin 1/2 , Taman Seri Austin , 81100 Johor Bahru , Johor (Cheng Heng Food & Beverage)
GPS: 1°34'44.9"N 103°44'50.5"E | 1.579129 , 103.747353 
Waze: Cheng Heng Food & Beverage 成兴美食坊 
Hours: 5:00pm - 10:00pm

Date visited: 8 February 2018    

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