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Best Singapore Char Siew Noodles Listing @ Obese Ox Inwards Chinatown Nutrient Middle ⭐⭐⭐⭐ |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

So I was doing my affair , roaming some Singapore's Chinatown nutrient pump , taking pictures hither in addition to at that spot equally I went. Exchanged Chinese New Year's Day greetings amongst Fatty Ox boss Mr Cheung in addition to he offered me a slice of his char siew. "Freshly roasted , endeavor , even in addition to thence hot , live on careful" the friendly stall boss said equally he cutting me a sampling articulation 😄

Tam chiak lah , endeavor 1 slice lah.... . I was hooked at in 1 lawsuit in addition to ordered myself a plate of Fatty Ox's char siew mee.

Char siew mee cannot live on simpler than this - only egg noodles , a few obligatory greens slathered amongst straight-out-of-the-bottle oyster sauce in addition to Fatty Ox's char siew. That's all it takes for 1 of Singapore's best char siew noodles inwards my humble opinion.

The char siew made amongst fresh 不見天 "arm pit" cutting amongst tender thin meat in addition to practiced distribution of fat.

The juicy articulation of char siew had a slight char exterior at the edges which gave it a subtle toasty taste. The tender roast meat tasted gently savoury sugariness which comes inwards layers. I peculiarly enjoyed the dear sweetness layered on locomote past times of subtle natural porky sweetness.

I was in addition to thence overwhelmed past times Fatty Ox's char siew that the noodles near felt redundant 😂

But , the noodles were truly nicely done too. The texture was only correct - tender amongst a low-cal spring. The oyster sauce , aromatic crude oil blend was only sufficient to brand the noodles slurpy delicious without competing amongst the char siew for our attending 😄

Cheung who came to Singapore from Hong Kong inwards the 1970s to locomote equally a chef , is a principal of in addition to thence many dishes. He is best known for his Hong Kong trend roasts , beef stew , soya sauce chicken , in addition to during Chinese New Year's Day , his Poon Choy 盆菜 in addition to Fatt Tiu Cheong 佛跳墙.

Fanboy mode. Couldn't resist a wefie amongst the principal fifty-fifty though my skills cannot brand it.

4-Star (out of 5). You don't produce got to larn to Michelin badged restaurants to indulge inwards locomote past times notch Hong Kong trend char siew. Get it at Fatty Ox inwards Chinatown nutrient centre. Your wallet in addition to peculiarly your sense of savor buds volition give thank y'all you for it 😄

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Restaurant name: Fatty Ox HK Kitchen 肥牛過橋面檔Address: Blk 335 , Smith Street #02-84 , Chinatown Food Complex , Singapore 050335 (Green zone)
GPS: 1°16'57.7"N 103°50'34.4"E | 1.282705 , 103.842889
Waze: Chinatown Complex
Tel: 9638 5345 
Hours: 7:30am to 12:00 noon (Mon in addition to Tues off)  

Non Halal  

Date visited: 27 February 2018

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