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Famous Chinese Foo Chow Mode Braised Eel Inwards Taipei 昌吉紅焼鰻 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name昌吉紅焼鰻
AddressNo. 51 , Changji Street , Datong District , Taipei City , Taiwan 103
GPS25°03'57.3"N 121°30'58.4"E | 25.065919 , 121.516228
Nearest MRTDaqiaotou Station 大橋頭站
Tel+886 two 2592 7085
Hours: 9:30am - 12:00 midnight

昌吉紅焼鰻 is a 50+ yr one-time build , straight off run yesteryear the 3rd generation. The lady founder 张王月娥 inwards her 80s straight off has been at the store since she was 20. There used to live on seven stalls serving this Foo Chow mode eel at Changji expanse but 昌吉紅焼鰻 is the alone ane left. Grandma even together with hence passionate almost her nutrient , is regularly at the store to ensure the gustation of 昌吉紅焼鰻 straight off run yesteryear his grandson is the same every bit one-half a century ago.

The dish is made alongside wild deep bounding main eels from the South PRC Sea. 昌吉紅焼鰻 uses bigger together with plumper eels for their thicker meat together with roughly fat.

The eels are cutting into large chunks together with coated alongside a blend of fermented crimson rice 红糟 together with sugariness spud powder. 昌吉紅焼鰻 ferment their ain crimson rice alongside sticky rice. 昌吉紅焼鰻 takes seven years to build the crimson rice. The crimson rice together with flour coated eels are deep fried inwards crude oil for 25 minutes at 180℃.

The pieces of fried eel are simmered inwards 昌吉紅焼鰻's signature soup which is made alongside eel tails together with herbs. Mdm 张王月娥 uses precisely iv types of herbs 当归 , 肉桂 , 桂皮 , together with 川芎 for the soup. The chunks of fried eel and herbal soup , are served inwards a bowl alongside cabbage. 

The eels are crisp exterior together with tenderly juicy inside. The fried eel meat texture is similar steamed crab meat. The eel is naturally sugariness together with has a mild herbal gustation from simmering inwards the herbal broth.

The eels are eaten alongside elementary fried bee hoon. The bee hoon (rice vermicelli) is precisely fried alongside H2O together with aromatic crude oil infused alongside fried garlic flavour. The bee hoon is served alongside a dribble of trouble solid made eel sauce.

昌吉紅焼鰻's signature side dish is fried fish roe to larn alongside the eel together with fried bee hoon. Must non missy 昌吉紅焼鰻 if you lot are a unagi lover - this is a Foo Chow twist to the iconic dish.


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