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Famous Delicious Taiwan Oyster Mee Sua Noodles Inwards Taipei 金正好吃麵 線 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name金正好吃麵線
AddressNo. 74 , Yian Road , Zhonghe District , New Taipei City , Taiwan 235 (金正 has several outlets some Taiwan)
GPS24°59'50.0"N 121°30'40.4"E | 24.997230 , 121.511217
Nearest MRTYongan Market Station 永安市場站
Tel+886 two 8921 8899
Hours: 11:00am - 1:00am

金正好吃麵線 is 1 of the virtually famous in addition to largest brands of oyster mee sua (rice noodles) inwards Taiwan , alongside franchised outlets throughout the island. The founding stall is inwards Zhonghe district.

Founder 趙瑞琦 was a mill director inwards 1998 when he decided to switch careers at 38 years erstwhile equally factories were closing inwards Taiwan in addition to he was facing retrenchment. He learnt how to laid upward oyster mee sua from his aunt who ran a black marketplace set stall. Twenty years on , 趙瑞琦 oversees numerous 金正好吃麵線 franchised outlets throughout Taiwan. 

Customers like 金正's oyster mee sua noodles because the broth is robust , rice noodles are thick in addition to springy , braised pork intestines are flavourful in addition to the oysters are fresh.

趙瑞琦 uses the best ingredients Taiwan offers for his oyster mee sua. 金正's mee sua noodles are manus made in addition to come upward from 新竹 Hsinchu County - they remain springy afterward dissolving slightly in addition to melding alongside the gooey broth.

The broth is made alongside dried bonito Earth into pulverization which is boiled inwards H2O before used to soak the oysters (thus giving it a slight bounding main briny flavour). 

金正 uses large oysters from 嘉义 Chiayi County which are at to the lowest degree two years old. 金正 uses outer sea oysters where the sea is deeper in addition to cleaner. Their texture is to a greater extent than springy in addition to are sweeter than younger oysters. The oysters are fresh equally they are harvested in addition to served the same day.

金正's pork intestines are thoroughly cleaned in addition to braised inwards over 10 types of herbs , giving them a herbal sense of savour in addition to aroma.

Oyster mee sua is eaten alongside solid made garlic puree sauce in addition to chili sauce for to a greater extent than robust kick.

金正 is likewise famous for their stinky tofu , which I shall embrace separately inwards some other post.

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