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Famous Grilled Unagi Don Inwards Tainan Taiwan 鰻丼作 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 鰻丼作
Address: No. eleven , Lane 35 , Section two , Yongfu Road , West Central District Tainan City , Taiwan 700 | 台南市中西區永福路二段35巷11號
GPS22°59'26.2"N 120°12'00.4"E | 22.990597 , 120.200102
Nearest MRT:
Tel: +886 vi 223 1358
Hours11:00am - 2:00pm | 5:00pm - 9:00pm

鰻丼作 is a pop grilled unagi 日本鰻 restaurant inwards Tainan City inwards Taiwan. The eating seat ever has a queue peculiarly during repast times in addition to oftentimes fifty-fifty earlier it opens its doors for business.

鰻丼作 is housed inwards a refurbished one-half century erstwhile store house. Boss Mr 谢 served his grilled unagi at a nighttime marketplace stall in addition to afterwards worked inwards a eating seat for fifteen years in all earlier striking out on his ain inwards this quaint tiny heritage store house.

鰻丼作 uses fresh lineament "white eels" 白鳗鱼 which are raised inwards Taiwan for export to Japan. They locomote 3-4 yr erstwhile fish every bit the older eels are bigger , its tender meat thicker in addition to to a greater extent than springy to the bite. The eel is cleaned , butterflied , grilled , steamed , painstaking deboned past times mitt in addition to thence finished past times grilling in 1 lawsuit again over charcoal earlier serving.

While char grilling , the eel are brushed alongside 鰻丼作's delineate of piece of employment solid made sauce. The sauce is made past times boiling grilled eel spines alongside sake in addition to soy sauce etc for at to the lowest degree four hours.

鰻丼作's boneless unagi is thick , delicately tender nevertheless springy. It tastes savoury sugariness alongside a slight toasty charred season in addition to aroma.

The grilled eel is eaten alongside sugariness tender white boiled rice which is drizzled alongside savoury sugariness unagi sauce.

Remember to club 鰻丼作's grilled eel liver on a stick skewer. The soft nevertheless chewy grilled eel liver is naturally slightly bitter which is balanced past times the savoury sugariness sauce. This is a real pop side dish.

鰻丼作's unagi don is served alongside a bowl of slightly cloudy unagi caput soup cooked alongside Chinese herbs.

鰻丼作 has a card of other Japanese dishes including egg omelette alongside ocean urchin... hmmm..... I must endeavor this 😄

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