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Famous Rat Tail Noodles (Mee Tai Mak) Inwards Taipei 永樂米苔目 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name永樂米苔目
Address: No. 111 , Minyue Street , Datong District , Taipei City , Taiwan 103 | 103台北市大同區民樂街111號 
GPS25°03'26.6"N 121°30'38.3"E | 25.057398 , 121.510628
Nearest MRT: Daqiaotou Station 大橋頭站
Tel+886 two 2553 2020
Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm (close at 2pm on populace holidays)

永樂米苔目 is a iii generations onetime rat tail noodle (mee tai mak) store inwards Taipei. The founder sold rat tail noodles on a tricycle inwards Taipei's 永樂 district , thence the stall is called 永樂米苔目 to this day. Rat tail noodles are made of rice flour too are similar thick rice vermicelli.

Customers like 永樂米苔目's rat tail noodles because they are slurpy smoothen , tender too lightly springy (not mushy). The bowl of noodles too soup is served topped amongst chopped scallion too chives.

Besides the rat tail noodles , 永樂米苔目's side dishes are too real popular. Best sellers are lightly blanched fresh pork cheeks , belly , snout , peel , intestines , tofu etc. The blanched meat cooked to simply the right doneness are dunked inwards mutual coldness H2O to lock inwards it's natural texture too flavour.

The H2O used to boil the pork meat too parts is turned into soup to serve amongst the rat tail noodles. The soup is calorie-free bodied but is loaded amongst natural sweetness too non greasy. 永樂米苔目's soup is lighter than at other rat tail noodle stalls equally it is non made amongst stock bones.

Third generation boss 林普賢 is the official taster for 永樂米苔目 , he is the showtime to swallow the noodles every 24-hour interval to brand certain that the flavours are correctly tuned.

The piffling humble store has bare bones furnishing but fans appreciate that 永樂米苔目's flavours are simply similar it was one-half a century ago.

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