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Famous Taipei Seafood & Pork Noodle Soup. Champion Noodle Menage 萬華麗 珠什錦面 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 麗珠什錦面 Champion Noodle House
AddressNo. 48 , Xingning Street , Wanhua District , Taipei City , Taiwan 108
GPS25°01'55.9"N 121°30'01.2"E | 25.032199 , 121.500341
Nearest MRTLongshan Temple Station 龍山寺站
Tel+886 ii 2308 6530
Hours: 11:00am - 10:30pm (Monday off)

麗珠什錦面 is 1 of the Must Try places inwards Taipei for street nutrient lovers - it is noodle soup alongside chicken too pork broth choked full of seafood , pork , dark fungus too vegetables which locals love. This is actually a Taiwanese comfort dish which many locals consume alongside families at habitation , brought out to serve the public.

麗珠什錦面 is an over fifty yr one-time shop. The noodle soup recipe came from store possessor Mdm 麗珠's mum - 麗珠 has been cooking seafood & pork noodles alongside her mum since she was vii years old. 麗珠 has kept faithfully to her mum's recipe.

In each bowl of seafood noodles , at that spot is thick savoury sweetness stock. Mdm 麗珠 made the stock yesteryear boiling one-time hens , pork leg , pork bones , goose(!) too vegetables for 12 hours.

In the soup , at that spot is a mound of yellowish noodles. They are done till soft simply nevertheless accept unopen to chew to the bite. Mdm 麗珠 uses higher character yellowish noodles that tin flame withstand longer cooking.

Over the mound of noodles , at that spot is a heap of fresh clams , prawns , oysters , squid , pork liver , squid balls , thin pork , dark fungus , vegetables etc.

For the concluding nearly xxx years , Mdm 麗珠 goes to the marketplace every solar daytime to larn her fresh seafood too pork ingredients. The stall holders said she ever goes for the best too is non stingy close the price.

Mdm 丽珠 likewise serves a "dry" version of her seafood too pork noodles which she fries alongside lard which she makes every solar daytime yesteryear frying pork fat.

麗珠什錦面 is likewise famous for their fried pork chop side dish which goes good alongside the seafood & pork noodles.

Regulars proceed coming dorsum for 麗珠's seafood too pork noodles because they desire to gustation mum's cooking.

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