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Fei Qian Wu Famous Unagi Don Inwards Taipei 肥前屋鱼 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Fei Qian Wu 肥前屋
Address:  No. 13-2 , Lane 121 , Section 1 , Zhongshan North Road , Zhongshan District Taipei City , Taiwan 10491 | 台北市中山區中山北路1段121巷13號
GPS25°03'04.3"N 121°31'25.2"E | 25.051182 , 121.523673
Nearest MRTZhongshan Station 中山站
Hours11:30am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Fei Qian Wu Unagi Don store is conveniently located merely walking distance from Zhongshan MRT station. There is ever a long queue at this nearly 50 twelvemonth onetime store every bit it is pop amongst locals as well as tourists alike , including many from Japan. Most customers await at to the lowest degree thirty minutes for their food.

Fei Qian Wu is owned yesteryear Chef 町田 san from Nippon as well as his Taiwanese married adult woman 林秀英.

肥前屋 role alive export degree eel raised inwards Taiwan known every bit Blue Diamond eels 蓝钻鳗. Each eel weighs nearly 250 grams. The alive eels convey a white belly as well as lite blueish grayness coloring on top.

Making unagi don is quite tedious.

The cleaned , butterflied eels are grilled over electrical grills root till they are cooked. This phase is called "white grilled" 白烧. The consider is to crisp the exterior , sealing inwards the juices which comprise the natural sweetness.

Step 2 is to steam the "white grilled" eel to tenderise as well as moisten it.

In the tertiary stride , the steamed eels are dunked inwards a 50 twelvemonth onetime proprietary savoury sweetness sauce. 肥前屋's unagi sauce accumulated the essence of countless thousands of eels dipped into it over 50 years. It is something non flora inwards other unagi shops inwards Taiwan. Some Japanese tourists said it is fifty-fifty amend than those inwards Japan.

In the quaternary as well as terminal stride , the eels dripping amongst sauce are caramelised on the exterior over charcoal burn 火烤.

肥前屋's unagi are tender , frail , juicy , savoury sweetness amongst a toasty taste. Customers described the unagi meat every bit "melt inwards the mouth" 入口即化 as well as that it felt boneless. Customers appreciate the natural sweetness of the fresh eels. They also similar it that 肥前屋's unagi sauce has depth of season without tasting also intense.

The sweetness boiled white rice is drizzled amongst the same savoury sweetness unagi sauce.

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