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Ghim Moh Nutrient Guide. Hin Fried Hor Fun Alongside Prawn Beef Sliced Fish |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


Judging past times the perpetual queue at the stall , Hin Fried Hor Fun amongst Prawn Beef Sliced Fish is ane of the stalwarts at Ghim Moh nutrient core (itself ane of Singapore's best loved nutrient haunts). I dearest Cantonese mode beef hor fun in addition to is ever on the scout for expert stalls. (Quite difficult to abide by expert hor fun inward Singapore. Please part amongst me your favourites.)


The silvery haired chef does the fiery heavy duty cooking within piece his younger partner does the finishing function similar laying on the pre-cooked beef slices , blanched greens in addition to pre-made sauces , assembly business mode earlier delivering to waiting customers.

The hor fun are tossed in addition to stir fried inward smoking wok total batches. The partner portions out the private servings. This organisation helps clears the queue fast , essential during tiffin in addition to dinner.

Detracts from the experience of individually prepared servings? A bit.


The tag squad was good oiled in addition to I got my SG$5 plate of beef hor fun quite quickly.

Anyway , fifty-fifty earlier excavation my chopsticks into the hor fun , I could already aroma the aroma of caramelised sauces in addition to starch. That's great.


I similar it that Hin's hor fun actually serves hor fun 河粉 rather than the park kway teow (as most stalls inward Singapore substitute hor fun amongst kway teow).


The broad tapes of rice had traces of hot searing from the scorching wok - the surest sign of that elusive wok hei.


The scorched tapes of hor fun were tender amongst a subtle sticky chewy bite. It's broad , slightly caramelized surface was smoothed past times a gleaming layer of slippery starchy sauce.

The sauce tastes sweetness savoury piece the seared hor fun tastes savoury sweetness amongst a chip of rice in addition to toasty flavour. So , inward the oral cavity , it is an interesting blend of sweetness , savoury , toasty flavours , leaning slightly to a greater extent than on the sweetness (sugary?) side.

Personally , I prefer good balanced flavours or leaning slightly to a greater extent than on the savoury , toasty side.


There was a generous total of small-scale in addition to lean beef slices. They were tender in addition to the principal season come upwards from the savoury marinade. There was petty , if whatever , natural beefiness.

So , Hin's fried beef hor fun is actually mainly nigh the toasty wok hei hor fun which is really likable. (Next fourth dimension , I shall endeavor hor fun amongst seafood - prawn in addition to fish slices - I mean value it would live on interesting.)


Restaurant nameHin Fried Hor Fun amongst Prawn Beef Sliced Fish 興鮮蝦牛肉魚片炒河粉
Address: 01-56 , Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre. twenty Ghim Moh Rd , Singapore 270020   
GPS:  1°18'40.4"N 103°47'19.6"E | 1.311225 , 103.788773  
Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm | 5:00pm to 8:00pm (Monday off)  

Non Halal  

Date: fourteen December 2017

Hor fun is non kway teow.

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