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Good Eating Theatre For Singapore Agency Chinese Favourites At Orchard Road. Revamped Dining House At Mandarin |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

If yous are at Orchard Road as well as desire to experience iconic Singapore agency Chinese nutrient inward a comfortable environs alongside attentive service at reasonable prices , I believe the fully revamped Dining Place past times Fei Siong Group at mandarin Gallery is the correct identify for you.

The Dining Place's decor is only elegant - elementary , minimalist , contemporary Chinese chic. The eating theatre has a welcoming , cosy feel. If that is non plenty to select yous inward , the warmth of the friendly staff mightiness depict yous in. For me , I constitute the odor of simmering stock from the kitchen quite captivating every bit I stood at the entrance.

Without ceremony , nosotros launched into luncheon correct away alongside the iconic Singapore Chili Crab.

At Dining Place , the all-important chili crab sauce hitting all the correct notes - it's thick as well as heavy alongside layers of savoury , tangy as well as spicy flavours. The sauce had a soft nutty experience every bit it was thickened alongside crushed peanuts. The spiciness was mild as well as it lingered pleasantly inward the rima oris for a few moments.

The alive crab meat had a mild briny body of body of water sense of savor as well as natural crustacean sweetness.

At $8++ per 100 grams , I felt it was practiced value for money.

Premium Crab Bee Hoon.

Crab bee hoon (rice vermicelli) is a rattling pop crab dish amidst Singaporeans as well as is i of the Must Try Singapore dishes , if yous are a visitor.

The creamy rich savoury sweetness sauce was loaded alongside crustacean savouriness as well as sweetness. Plenty of umami boot to marker goals alongside whatsoever crab lover 😋

The meaty alive crab tasted dandy inward the alive crab way.

Claypot Porridge alongside Superior Broth (price $18++ modest serving). 

Not a elementary porridge this - loaded alongside blossom crabs , prawns as well as scallops - similar that "win already lor" every bit nosotros tell inward Singapore.

This dish is a complex blend of sweetness savouriness inward a whole stack from the rice , crab , prawns as well as scallops. It's an indulgent comfort dish.

Oh... I dear chewing as well as sucking out loudly that sweetness briny goodness from the juicy blossom crabs trunk (not much of anything inward the pincers 😄 ).

Steamed Prawn alongside Garlic (price $20++ modest serving).

Sweet fresh large prawns steamed alongside a thick sweetness savoury blanket of mashed dark garlic. It's an interesting sweetness savoury flavor alongside an underlying subtle sourish zing similar balsamic vinegar.

Stir Fried Asparagus alongside Scallops ($22++ modest serving).

Sweet scallops as well as crunchy sweetness asparagus alongside savoury garlicky sauce.

The Special Soya Chicken come upward smothered inward a thick gooey dark coat of soya sauce blend.

The chicken was tender as well as juicy but the flavor was dominated past times the sweetish savoury sauce.

Fried Egg alongside Black Fungus (price $12++ modest serving).

Tender eggy omelette studded alongside strips of crunchy dark fungus. Quite an enjoyable dish because of the crunchy bite.

If yous are visiting Singapore , Seafood Hor Fun is i dish yous must non piece of job out without trying (price $10++ modest serving).

Many Chinese restaurants inward Singapore select seafood hor fun inward their bill of fare , but memorable ones are difficult to come upward by.

I enjoyed Dining Place's rendition every bit the hor fun (rice ribbon noodles) were good seared giving it a toasty tasting caramelised surface. Have "wok hei" nosotros tell here. The thick smoothen creamy gooey sauce tasted eggy sweetness savoury. The prawns , fresh grouper fish slices , squid as well as clams added to a greater extent than textures , flavours as well as sweetness to the dish.

At $10++ for a modest serving sufficient for 2 modest eaters , it is actually dandy value - a cost betoken that compares rattling good fifty-fifty alongside suburban java shops.

👉 Overall , I enjoyed the fully revamped Dining Place's novel bill of fare past times a novel chef alongside a dorsum to fundamentals approach to nutrient - fresh ingredients , lovingly prepared , good executed. No gimmicks. I peculiarly dear the 3 crab dishes which I tried today. And , yous gotta endeavor their deluxe seafood hor fun 😋

If yous similar to hand Dining Place a endeavor , yous tin precisely walk inward alongside no reservations. If yous similar to select your favourite dishes which yous similar to endeavor , yous tin telephone band Agnes at 9487 3618 to arrange. She tin fifty-fifty adjust alongside the kitchen , the dishes yous similar but are non inward the extensive menu. I like it am touched that Dining Place is prepared to stretch themselves to delight customers - so much sincerity inward service

Dining Place has a twosome of mortal rooms , opened upward for booking on an availability basis. No minimum spending. Just hand Agnes a call. Great for larn togethers as well as meetings inward the oculus of Orchard Road. Good nutrient at reasonable prices as well as served past times earnest , enthusiastic staff.

Disclosure: Please regime annotation that this was an invited tasting.

Restaurant name: Dining Place (by Fei Siong Group)
Address: Level four , #04-21 , mandarin Gallery , 333A Orchard Road , 238897 
GPS: 1°18'08.0"N 103°50'12.0"E | 1.302225 , 103.836653 
Nearest MRT: Somerset
Waze: mandarin Orchard
Tel+65 6836 1188 
Hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm  

Non Halal  

Date visited: 2 Mar 2018

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