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Hidden Ultimate Stinky Tofu Inwards Keelung Taiwan 基隆山中胡記臭豆腐 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name胡記臭豆腐
Address: No. 53之13號 , Lane 12 , Peide Road , Xinyi District , Keelung City , Taiwan 201 | 基隆市信義區培德路12巷52號-13
GPS25°07'38.4"N 121°46'23.0"E 25.127328 , 121.773044
Transport: Accessible solely yesteryear car
Tel: +886 933 767 372
Hours: 9:00am - 9:00pm

Not far from Keelung City 基隆 , at that topographic point is a famous stinky tofu store known as 胡記臭豆腐.

Locals state that if 胡記臭豆腐 is stinky tofu , all others should survive called fragrant tofu 香豆腐 😂 Legend has it that the store was 1 time chased out of Keelung City because their stinky tofu was also smelly 😱

Are y'all game to endeavour it? 😄

The boss Ah Hing 阿興 has been making in addition to selling his famous stinky tofu 臭豆腐 for over 20 years.

胡記臭豆腐 used to survive inwards Keelung City simply according to legend , it was in addition to thence stinky that it received many complaints from residents , forcing the stall to deed to the city's hilly outskirts (roughly mid agency betwixt Keelung City in addition to Ruifang inwards the east).

Ah Hing's undercover weapon is his 20+ yr quondam marination stock. 

The bricks in addition to cubes of fresh tofu are dropped into the dark , decades quondam stock containing many herbs , spices , fruits in addition to vegetables , in addition to allowed to ferment.

Fermentation is upwards to 36 hours - the longer , the stinkier 😖

The fermented bricks of tofu are fried inwards hot petroleum for 2-3 minutes to crisp the peel outside.

Even earlier y'all sink your teeth inwards for your showtime seize amongst teeth , y'all volition survive struck yesteryear the pungent aroma or aroma 😓 It is unpleasant for many who are uninitiated to this Taiwan speciality. Many locals proclaimed that 基隆胡記臭豆腐 is the stinkiest stinky tofu that they convey always eaten - in addition to thence y'all convey been warned 🚨

To swallow , press a hole inwards the cube of tofu , breaking the crispy peel to disclose the white "flesh" inside. Spoon inwards a flake of solid made numbing chili sauce , or in addition to thence sourish sauce in addition to a pinch crunchy sourish pickled cabbage. Eat it all inwards 1 mouthful (be careful equally it is natural language scathing hot).

When y'all seize amongst teeth into it exceed the crispy peel , the within is soft in addition to moisture similar warm edible bean curd. The white curd within tastes similar century egg yolk (another stinky fermented Chinese nutrient 😂 ). The spicy chili , sourish sauce , in addition to sourish sweetness pickled cabbage balanced the flavours. The pickled cabbage adds a flake of compaction to the soft in addition to crisp tofu.

胡記's fried stinky tofu is non greasy.

Check out 基隆胡記臭豆腐 during your twenty-four hours trip to Ruifang , Jiufeng Old Street etc 😄 Call 阿興 at +886 933 767 372 earlier y'all laid upwards off.

🚨 Warning: Needless to state , stinky tofu is an acquired gustation in addition to thence y'all may respect it repulsive 😱 Personally , I honey it 😋

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