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Jia Xing Foo Chow Fish Ball Inwards Taipei 佳興魚丸 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Jia Xing Fish Ball 佳興魚丸
Address: No. 21 , Lane 210 , Section ii , Yanping North Road , Datong District , Taipei City , Taiwan 103 | 台北市大同區延平北路二段210巷21號
GPS25°03'33.4"N 121°30'38.7"E | 25.059282 , 121.510751
Nearest MRTDaqiaotou Station 大橋頭站
Hours: 9:00am - 6:30pm (Sunday off)

Jia Xing Fish Ball is a pop Foo Chow means fish ball noodle stall inwards Taipei alongside almost seventy years history.

The stall was founded inwards the 1950s past times 鄭依凱 who came to Taiwan from Foo Chow to escape the Civil War inwards China. 鄭東雄 is the second generation owner. Jia Xing Fish Ball 佳興魚丸 serves the traditional Foo Chow means of fish ball packed alongside minced pork in addition to broth within (like a Shanghai xiao long bao).

Jia Xing Fish Ball's fans similar their fish balls because the outer fish meat layer accept a springy tenderness. The shine tender outer layer has a subtle fresh fish sweetness. Inside the fish ball , it is packed alongside minced pork in addition to loaded alongside savoury sweetness broth.

Jia Xing's fish balls are made alongside a blend of fresh shark meat alongside sweetness tater flour. When blending the shark meat in addition to sweetness tater flour , 鄭東雄 determines the correct texture past times experience , alongside his seasoned hands.

The minced pork filling is made alongside dark Sus scrofa ham (hind leg) marinated alongside soy sauce etc. The fish balls are mitt made , packing the minced pork into the fish balls. The fish balls are in addition to hence cooked past times boiling inwards water. The H2O used to fix the fish balls is boiled i time to a greater extent than together alongside shark fish os to brand a savoury sweetness soup.

鄭東雄 besides serves their signature blanched shark peel dressed alongside savoury sauce in addition to aromatic shallot stone oil equally a side dish.

The fish balls in addition to side dishes are traditionally eaten alongside mung edible bean noodles or glass noodles inwards a bowl of savoury sweetness broth.

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