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Mamalicious Nyonya Household @ Taman Pelangi Johor Bahru 蓮姐传统手制糕 点 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


Buddy KK told me most Mamalicious Nyonya House at Jalan Sri Pelangi where the Pelangi pasar pagi is located (on Mondays in addition to Thursdays). "Meet you lot at 7:30am because later on most of the squeamish kueh volition live on snapped upwardly past times aunties doing marketing" KK warned me 😄 So , I laid upwardly my warning clock to brand certain that I got hither early.


蓮姐 has been making kueh in addition to selling them along the corridor at Jalan Sri Pelangi for over 10 years. At the piddling popular upwardly stall , 蓮姐's kueh were sold out inwards roughly an hr everyday.

When her missy May decided to bring together her , they took upwardly a store lot at 114 , Jalan Sri Pelangi.


Together , they brand to a greater extent than kueh which are sold from 6:30am to 10:00am (Fri in addition to Saturday off).

We 打包 tapao (took away) a few kueh in addition to nasi lemak , plenty for all of today's meals... burp... 😂


The nasi lemak looked attractive equally it had a combat of natural low-cal blueish colouring from butterfly pea petals. 蓮姐 is low-cal handed alongside the kokosnoot milk. The tender rice is sugariness alongside savoury flavours coming from the fried anchovies , fried peanuts in addition to mildly spicy sambal chili. The nasi lemak comes alongside an egg. There is plenty inwards this box to brand a sum repast 😄


Tried a random assortment of 蓮姐 in addition to May's mitt made kueh. Besides Nyonya kueh , they brand Teochew kueh in addition to fifty-fifty paus (which I shall seek adjacent time).

All Mamalicious kueh are made alongside natural ingredients in addition to without preservatives. When I asked 蓮姐 if I tin give the sack continue them till the eventide , she encouraged me to swallow them equally presently equally possible (means ameliorate not... lah 😄 ).

The kueh were all tender precisely tin give the sack stiffen a piddling when the weather condition is chilly (like today when it rained the whole day). I similar it that Mamalicious' kueh are non overly sugariness then I tin give the sack swallow my fill upwardly without feeling guilty or cloyed.


Restaurant name: Mamalicious Nyonya House 蓮姐传统手制糕点
Address: 114 , Jalan Sri Pelangi , Taman Pelangi , Johor Bahru
GPS: 1°28'42.5"N 103°46'34.2"E | 1.478482 , 103.776155
Tel: 019 7722 832
Hours: 6:30am - 10:00 am (Fri & Saturday off)


Date visited: xi January 2018

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