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Mother Of Taiwan Chicken Chops. The Stall That Created The Taiwan Nutrient Paradigm 鄭姑媽小吃店 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 鄭姑媽小吃店
Address: No. xiii , Alley 25 , Lane 790 , Section v , Zhongxiao East Road , Xinyi District Taipei City , Taiwan 110 | 台北市信義區忠孝東路五段790巷25弄13號1樓
GPS25°02'34.1"N 121°34'59.5"E | 25.042818 , 121.583180
Nearest MRT: Houshanpi 後山埤站
Tel: 02-2726-9150
Hours: 6:00am - 2:00pm | 4:00pm - 6:00pm (Sunday off)

Over 30 years agone (in 1986) , Mdm 李秀卿's family video tape trouble organisation failed and they ran into huge debts. In dire fiscal straits , 李秀卿 and solid unit of measurement had to respect a means to settle their debts in addition to to position nutrient on the table.

They came upon the sentiment of fried chicken chops. Chicken chops weren't a large matter in addition to therefore inwards Taiwan exactly desperate times telephone retrieve for desperate measures.

李秀卿 used pectus meat from battery raised chicken for her chicken chops. That's the cheapest cutting of chicken inwards Taiwan every bit Taiwanese (or Chinese generally) create non similar chicken pectus meat every bit they tend to hold upwards dry out in addition to fibrous.Taiwanese likewise prefer gratis make chicken (kampung chicken) , shunting battery raised chicken.

Mdm 李 devised a technique to cutting the fresh chicken pectus , marinate it overnight , batter it in addition to deep tiddler it therefore that it is tender , juicy in addition to sweetness (instead of dry out , strong in addition to tasteless). Mdm 李 sold her creation cheaply to students in addition to component workers.

It's the hallmark of swell street nutrient - how to plough something inexpensive into a delicious repast which almost people tin bask in addition to afford.

李秀卿's inexpensive in addition to expert fried chicken chops turned out to hold upwards a huge success. Her fans liked her Taiwan fried chicken chops because they were crispy exterior , in addition to within they were tender , juicy in addition to sweet. They were likewise affordable to students in addition to immature component workers.

Mdm 李秀卿's stall is directly run past times her immature lady 鄭慧怡 and grandson 鄭一達 , in addition to is known as 鄭姑媽小吃店 (Auntie Liu's Food Stall).

Thanks to 李秀卿's invention , today at that topographic point are thousands of Taiwan mode fried chicken chop shops in addition to stalls everywhere you lot plough inwards Taiwan (and many some the world).

Mdm 李秀卿's build may non hold upwards the biggest directly exactly it holds the award of creating this Taiwan nutrient icon. In 2006 , Taiwan's Council of Agriculture , Executive Yuan declared 鄭姑媽小吃店 every bit the founding stall of Taiwan fried chicken chops 台灣雞排始祖 based on master , decades sometime sales records of chicken suppliers. 

While at that topographic point may hold upwards people who dispute that 李秀卿's stall is the creator of Taiwan fried chicken chop , at that topographic point is no denying that she was the pioneer in addition to longest surviving Taiwanese chicken chop stall today.

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