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Must Endeavour Nutrient Inwards Xiamen. Sand Worm Or Tusun Jelly 土笋冻 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


It's been described every bit "Xiamen's Number One Local Snack" 廈門第一風味小吃. Yes , it is just what you lot run across inwards the painting demo - it's large fatty sand worms 星蟲 encased inwards translucent jello. Love it or abhor it , it is a memorable "Must Try" sense for the adventurous foodie traveller 😂


My start sense of savour of sand worm jelly was at the welcome dinner hosted on ii November 2017 past times Xiamen Overseas Friendship Association at Lakeside Hotel (by Xiamen Airlines).


Ground Bamboo Jello 土笋冻 was the appetiser , the start dish served during the sumptuous dinner.

The squid tentacles looked familiar in addition to tantalising - it made the jelly looked unsuspectingly innocuous. Our gracious hosts told us that it's 土笋冻 which translates roughly every bit "ground bamboo jelly". Sounds interesting in addition to perchance delicious - I idea to myself.


On closer hold off , it's fatty worms embedded inwards translucent jelly 😱

It's Sand Worm 星蟲 Jelly. The dish is eaten alongside soy sauce , vinegar , sugariness sauce , peppery sauce , spicy sauce , garlic sauce , mustard , radish - anything to calm the squeamish. As commons , I similar to sense of savour my nutrient groovy , fifty-fifty if it is worms .... 😂

The jelly was soft alongside just a slight firmness. The jelly had a mild savoury flavor similar diluted soy sauce. The worm felt soft chewy spongy to the bite. Its peel was soft alongside a fossil oil texture. The worm had no flavor or aroma.

It's non something that I would crave for but volition gladly swallow it ane time to a greater extent than when it is served.


We were served sand worm jelly ane time to a greater extent than at our dinner at 味友 restaurant. Xiamen folks are actually proud of this unique dish 😄


味友 is a pop Xiamen abode grown eating seat (serving Xiamen specialities) alongside to a greater extent than than 10 outlets. We were at the 和平碼頭 (Peace Harbour) outlet.

Public Domain photo

This famous Xiamen dish is non a delicacy designed past times majestic chefs for the Emperor every bit many renown Chinese dishes were. It is a dish created out of desperation past times starving sailors. Legend has it that hungry ancient seamen inwards Xiamen resorted to excavation upwardly bounding main worms from the soiled bounding main shore for food.


They ate it only past times boiling the worms inwards H2O which turned into a gooey gel alongside the worms suspended within (sticky worm soup.... just the idea of it 😱 We know the ancient sailors were really brave people 😄). There is no exquisite technique involved. In the modern version , the gel (collagen) is chilled inwards a refrigerator or alongside H2O ice to brand jelly 冻.

Whether it tasted adept or non , the poly peptide rich worms saved the old navy in addition to is considered ane of Xiamen's iconic traditional nutrient to this twenty-four hours 😄


Today , sand worm jelly is a pop street nutrient peculiarly alongside curious tourists. Ladies similar Tusun Jelly as the collagen is adept for supple smoothen peel 😄 There are fifty-fifty shops in addition to stalls specialising inwards the dish. This 果然好 outlet is well-nigh the Zhongshan Road Walking Street (pedestrianised mall).


果然好's signature sand worm jelly is densely packed alongside sand worms (costs RMB20 a serving). 

After checking some , I intend this is value for coin 😄 The less expensive ones bring less worms in addition to bring gelatin pulverization added (instead of collagen from worms).


My 3rd fourth dimension eating sand worm jelly was at 曾厝垵. It's an old line-fishing hamlet directly re-purposed into an eating in addition to shopping street , in addition to the onetime fishermen homes converted into tourist accommodation.


There are many nutrient stalls hither catering to tourists. All the Xiamen specialities are hither - hold off out for Spring Rolls 春卷 , Spicy Noodles 沙茶面 , Oyster Omelette 海蛎煎 , Chive Dumplings 韭菜盒 , Xiamen Glutinous Rice 厦门烧肉粽 , Xiamen Fish Balls 厦门鱼丸 , Peanut Soup 花生汤 , Braised Duck alongside Ginger 姜母鸭 , Starchy Noodles 面线糊 etc


I counted 3 stalls selling sand worm jelly.


Less worm , less collagen , to a greater extent than gelatin pulverization here. Perhaps , to a greater extent than palatable for tourists wanting just that Facebook in addition to Instagram photograph 😜

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👉 When you lot are inwards Xiamen , try "Xiamen's Number One Local Snack" 廈門第一風味小吃 😄 I would gladly swallow bounding main worm jelly or Tusun Jelly 土笋冻 ane time to a greater extent than anytime I bring the peril 😋

I travelled to Xiamen past times Xiamen Airlines.

✈ Xiamen Airlines MF874 departs Singapore for Xiamen at 8:55am everyday. Xiamen Airlines MF852 departs Singapore for Xiamen at 3:15pm everyday.

✈ Xiamen Airlines MF851 departs Xiamen for Singapore at 9:45am everyday. Xiamen Airlines MF873 departs Xiamen for Singapore at 5:40pm everyday.

Date visited: ii - v November 2017

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