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Pa Abib Famous Nasi Beryani At Tepian Tebrau Inwards Jb |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


Thanks to Buddy Shannon's recommendation , I tried Pa Abib's famous nasi beryani inward Tepian Tebrau nutrient centre. Pa Abib's lilliputian stall is indeed real pop - in that place was a constant current of long fourth dimension regulars who come upwardly together with accept away packets of nasi briyani. Pa Abib opens at 4pm together with is unremarkably sold out earlier 7pm.


Puan Salwa runs Pa Abib Nasi Beryani which was founded past times her belatedly father. The menage unit of measurement hailed from Teluk Kurau inward Singapore inward the 1970s where Pa Abib was a caterer. Pa Abib started his nasi beriyani stall over thirty years agone exterior Sultanah Aminah Hospital at Lido Beach. (Several stalls at Tepian Tebrau started from there.) Many of Pa Abib's regulars had been his customers from Lido Beach days. We met a Chinese duad who stimulate got been Pa Abib fans for over xx years. "From RM5 a gear upwardly , till now" the lady said 😄

We had 2 sets of nasi beriyani today - a lamb (RM13) together with a beef gear upwardly (RM12).


The basmati rice summation other rice inward the mix were cooked amongst flavoursome together with aromatic spices but inward moderate amounts , then it was rather mild. The rice was fluffy together with non greasy. It was slightly sweetness from the to a greater extent than starchy rice inward the mix.


The chunk of beef comes amongst os inward a small-scale dish of heavy thick sauce. The meat was tender together with in that place was real lilliputian , if whatsoever beefiness. The sauce was slightly robust savoury spicy together with quite greasy. The sauce too had a mild spice aroma.


The mutton was fully meat together with to a greater extent than tender than the beef due to visceral fat. There was a slight lamb gaminess inward the juicy meat which I like. It was served amongst the same savoury spicy thick greasy sauce.

Puan Salwa told me that she uses the same recipe handed downwards from her dad , which leans on salty flavours whereas nearly Johor nasi briyani are sweeter.


The savoury sourish spicy crunchy achar (pickled vegetables) served amongst the nasi beriani.

It's difficult to resist Yong Yong's famous H2O ice kacang when having Pa Abib's nasi briyani. I beloved the chocolate inside. Yong Yong is but a duad of stalls to the left of Pa Abib inward Tepian Tebrau. Like Pa Abib , Yong Yong too has its roots at Lido Beach.


Restaurant name: Pa Abib Nasi Beryani
Address: Gerai , Jalan Mohd. Amin , Sri Gelam , Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1°27'40.0"N 103°44'17.4"E | 1.461102 , 103.738157 
Tel: 013-742 0878 
Hours: 4:00 pm to 7:00pm (Monday off)


Date: 12 November 2017  

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