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Popular Taipei Braised Pork Rice Locals Wishing Yous Don't Know Well-Nigh 黃記滷肉飯 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name黃記滷肉飯
Address: No. 28 , Lane 183 , Section ii , Zhongshan North Road , Zhongshan District , Taipei City , Taiwan 104 | 台北市中山區中山北路二段183巷28號
GPS25°03'49.4"N 121°31'26.8"E | 25.063718 , 121.524109
Nearest MRTZhongshan Elementary School (take operate out 1) 中山國小站
Tel: +886 ii 2595 8396
Hours: 12:00 noon - 9:30pm (Monday off)

黃記滷肉飯 is a pop l twelvemonth onetime braised pork rice (lu rou fan) store only is a good kept hugger-mugger amid locals. The store is tucked away on a narrow ane agency street most to Qingguang Park 晴光公園 , a pocket-sized metropolis commons in addition to children's playground.

Customers like 黃記滷肉飯 because the rice is nicely done - the tender grains are unloosen in addition to split (not lumped together similar soggy cake). The plainly white rice is smothered inward a blanket of minced pork in addition to thick savoury dark-brown stock. 

The minced pork is made using pork belly amongst equal parts of lean meat in addition to pork fat. The braised pork is cooked in addition to sold daily (everything is fresh , zilch overnight). 

To consume , plication the rice in addition to braised pork amongst dark-brown sauce into each other in addition to then that the rice is fully infused amongst the pork in addition to sauce flavours in addition to aromas.

Braised pork rice (lu rou fan) is traditionally eaten amongst side dishes.

A must lodge side dish is their signature savoury sweetness braised pork knuckle 蹄膀肉 which has a overnice combination of fatty , meat in addition to skin. Soft fatty , springy peel in addition to tender meat all at once. The fatty dissolves speedily inward the mouth.

Stewed cabbage 鹵白菜 in addition to braised tofu 油豆腐 are must have comforting savoury staples to larn amongst the braised pork rice.

Get likewise a bowl of crunchy sweetness bamboo shoots cooked inward pork os soup 竹筍湯 which many regulars cannot larn without.

If you lot prefer a thicker soup , larn their 香菇赤肉羹 mushroom in addition to lean pork soup thicken amongst starch.

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