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Pork Soup Alongside Rat Tail Noodles Inward Taipei 台北條仔老店米苔目 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name台北條仔老店米苔目
AddressNo. three , Lane 233 , Nanjing West Road , Datong District , Taipei City , Taiwan 103
GPS25°03'14.6"N 121°30'37.8"E | 25.054041 , 121.510505
Nearest MRTBeimen Station 北門站
Tel+886 ii 2555 2073
Hours: 6:00am - 2:00pm daily

Oh.. this is as well as thence interesting. It's the Taiwanese version of "mee tai mak" 米苔目 or "rat tail noodles".

But , hither inwards Taiwan mee tai mak is non brusk as well as pointy simply long similar thick bee hoon (the sort nosotros purpose inwards laksa inwards Singapore). Like their Singapore as well as Malaysia counterpart , Taiwan mee tai mak 米苔目 is made alongside rice flour.

Owner 黃宗義 started working at historic current fifteen at the mee tai mak stall which his manly someone parent founded. 黃宗義 is inwards his 70s straightaway (2018). Wife 陳秋月 partners 黃宗義 at the stall since she was eighteen years old. Now , they are joined past times their children as well as their spouses (so the stall is inwards it's 3rd generation now).

The mee tai mak is served inwards a bowl of pork soup. It is topped alongside chopped scallion , crispy fried shallot as well as fried krill for their toasty savoury flavours.

Mee tai mak is served alongside diverse cuts of boiled fresh pork meat , trotter , peel , intestines , tummy , ears , snout , etc every bit side dishes. The essence inwards the broth from cooking these pork parts sweetens the wonderful stock of 條仔老店米苔目's mee tai mak. There is too braised tofu for sides.

黃宗義 serves his mee tai mak as well as pork side dishes alongside a soy sauce based dip into which he added diverse condiments including saccharide as well as chili. Each plate of pork is dressed alongside a handful of julienned bamboo shoot.

黃宗義's mee tai mak has many fans including many from overseas.

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