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Recipe Kaki. Cooking Singapore Teochew Peppery Bak Kut Teh Alongside Pressure Level Cooker |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


This is the garlicky peppery trend of bak kut teh (literally meat os tea) normally sold inwards Singapore. This dish which is real pop amongst tourists , is relatively elementary to replicate at dwelling draw of piece of occupation solid whether inwards China , Europe or North America equally the ingredients are widely available inwards supermarkets. It too does non involve whatever especial equipment.



1kg fresh pork ribs , cutting into serving size (serves 3-4 adults)
1.5 litres water  
20g dark pepper
50g white pepper
20 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon salt

That's all. No MSG or synthetic flavouring. All are natural ingredients easily establish inwards most supermarkets - never off season.

Preparation Steps


P-Step 1 ðŸ‘‰ Boil the pork ribs for a 3-4 minutes to create the residual blood , marrow juices , etc. Throw away the H2O amongst all the grease together with scum. Rub together with rinse the pork ribs amongst mutual depression temperature running water. Set aside.


P-Step two 👉 Smack / press the garlic cloves to suspension the peel together with pulp. Peel off together with discard the skin.


P-Step 3 ðŸ‘‰ Break the dark together with white peppercorn amongst a mortar together with pestle.



Step 1 👉 Lightly fry the white together with dark peppercorn till aromatic (use no oil).

Step two 👉 Lightly fry the garlic till aromatic (use no oil). (🎀Skip this footstep , if yous create non similar toasty sense of savor inwards your soup.)


All the ingredients ready for the pot.


Step three 👉 Put all the ingredients into the pressure level cooker pot. Add 1.5 litres of boiling H2O , pork ribs together with a teaspoon of salt. (Boiling H2O reduces the fourth dimension required to larn the pot to the required cooking pressure.)


Step four 👉 Set the electrical pressure level cooker pot to "Soup". Time - xx minutes. The electrical pressure level cooker volition create upwards the pressure level within , together with origin to count downwards the xx minutes after the pot reaches cooking pressure.

Step five 👉 When done , move out amongst encompass on for a few minutes to unloosen pressure level naturally.

Serve hot , amongst rice , cutting chili together with night soy sauce dip.


The bak kut teh lets off a real overnice odor from boiling the peppercorns , garlic together with pork together. This lovely odor create amount the air spell yous are cooking or when yous press the pressure level unloosen , if yous piece of occupation a pressure level cooker

The broth is tea coloured from the dark peppercorn. It has a medium trunk together with depth of flavour amongst precisely about grease on top. The flavour is lovely layers of moderate spiciness from the dark & white peppercorn together with garlic which lingers a spell inwards the pharynx together with mouth. The pork together with garlic impart sweetness to the broth. The teaspoon of tabular array salt balances the delicious spicy sweetness broth. There is an underlying subtle toasty sense of savor due to frying of the peppercorn together with garlic. Together , the flavours are robust - this is non a calorie-free tasting soup (despite the elementary ingredients).

The meat clinging feebly to the os is fall-off-the-bone tender amongst a chip of chew to the bite. I similar to piece of occupation both spare rib together with prime number rib. I similar the cartilage inwards spare rib which are soft crunchy. I similar meat amongst visceral fatty equally it is to a greater extent than tender , juicy together with sweet. The meat sense of savor naturally sweetness amongst subtle spiciness together with sweetness infused from the peppercorn together with garlic. (One of the benefits of using a pressure level cooker is greater infusion of flavours from soup or sauces into the meat due to pressure.)


🎀 In this dish , the pork has to rely mainly on itself for flavour. So , it is of import to piece of occupation fresh meat that has natural sweetness i.e. non frozen meat.

🎀 Don't nipper the dark & white pepper together with garlic , if yous don't similar toasty sense of savor inwards your BKT soup.

🎀 I prefer immature garlic for its milder flavour than onetime garlic. Young or onetime , select which yous prefer 😄

🎀 If yous purse the peppercorn together with garlic inwards a piffling fabric purse , yous volition larn a clearer soup. (Available at Daiso.)

🎀 You tin give notice skim off the grease on the soup's surface earlier serving.

🎀 You tin give notice add together to a greater extent than tabular array salt to your sense of savor afterward the bak kut teh is cooked.


🎀 I create non piece of occupation pre-mix sachets because they are oft precisely pepper together with garlic pulverization addition MSG. (Take a await at the ingredients listed on the pack together with yous volition see.)

👉 It's actually non difficult to develop your craving for authentic Singapore bak kut teh , wherever yous are (almost). This is bak kut teh inwards its simplest shape together with it is but delicious.

Disclaimer: I am non a homebody nor a chef. So when I create create , it would endure dishes which ingredients are easily available , grooming is minimal , cooking is pretty much foolproof , withal sense of savor is delicious 😁

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