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Shilin Black Marketplace Hotstar Fried Chicken Chop 士林夜市豪大大雞扒 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Shilin Hotstar Chicken Chop 士林夜市豪大大雞扒 
Address: No. 113 , Wenlin Road , Shilin District , Taipei City , Taiwan 111
GPS: 25°05'18.1"N 121°31'34.8"E | 25.088368 , 121.526320
Nearest MRTJiantan Station 捷運劍潭站
Tel: +886 two 2995 7978
Hours: 4:30pm - 1:00pm daily (opens at 1:00pm on Saturday & Sun)

The oversized deep fried chicken chop from Shilin Night Market is likely the best known nutrient export from Taiwan (other than bubble tea). 士林夜市豪大大雞扒 has numerous outlets unopen to Taipei as well as overseas inwards Shanghai , Hong Kong , USA , Canada , Commonwealth of Australia , Republic of Indonesia , Singapore , Philippines etc

The stall was founded inwards Taichung inwards 1992 yesteryear 王慶隆. As Taichung was already saturated amongst fried chicken chop stalls , founder Mr 王慶隆 decided to teach N to Taipei to effort his luck.

王慶隆 struck aureate inwards Shilin Night Market amongst his signature "bigger than your expression upwards 大過你張臉" crispy juicy fried chicken chops.

Customers responded enthusiastically to the oversized chops as well as the balance is chicken chop history. The constant queue at the iconic blueish coloured stall as well as large chicken chops inwards blueish newspaper sleeves are right away seen inwards a dozen countries unopen to the world.

What is it well-nigh Shilin Hotstar fried chicken chop that makes it so irresistible? 

To brand 豪大大雞扒 , fresh chicken 溫身雞 pectus is butterflied as well as spread eagle flat. The large sparse slab is infused amongst a savoury sweetness marinade , as well as then coated amongst dry out flour. It is fried inwards 180℃ high estrus just for 4.5 minutes till golden brown. Customers tin flame select master copy savoury sweetness flavor or spicy (where the chicken chop is dusted amongst chili as well as spice powder).

Hotstar fans similar the huge golden chocolate-brown chicken chops because they are crispy exterior as well as tender juicy inside. They too similar the savoury sweetness flavor of 豪大大雞扒. Hotstar's huge chicken chop is non greasy , which is an additional appeal to today's wellness witting customers.

Non Halal

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