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Shilin Nighttime Marketplace Big Sausage Roll Pocket-Size Sausage 士林夜 市大肠包小肠 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 福榕記大肠包小肠
Address: No. 101 , Jihe Road , Shilin District , Taipei City , Taiwan 111 (stall #538) | 台北市士林區基河路60號(士林夜市第538攤)
GPS25°05'16.3"N 121°31'26.7"E | 25.087859 , 121.524086
Nearest MRTJiantan Station 捷運劍潭站
Hours: 12:00 noon - 12:00 midnight

One of the Must Try nutrient at Taiwan Night Markets is 大腸包小腸 - it's a large sticky rice sausage wrapping a smaller pork sausage. At the famous Shilin Night Market inwards Taipei , alongside the best known sausage wind stalls is 福榕記大肠包小肠.

福榕記大肠包小肠 run yesteryear owner 鄭陳榕 has been hither serving their famous Big Sausage Wrap Small Sausage for nearly 20 years. Everything from the large sticky rice sausage 米腸 to the smaller pork sausage 大香腸 is made at the stall from scratch using fresh ingredients.

福榕記 stall uses adept character sticky rice which are stickier in addition to sweeter to brand their sausage. The sticky rice is cooked yesteryear steaming. The steamed sticky rice is mixed in addition to blended with pork lard crackling in addition to bits of fried mushroom. The sticky rice , pork lard swell in addition to fried mushroom flake mixture is flavoured with mushroom stock , pork lard in addition to aromatic shallot oil.

The flavoursome sticky rice blend is in addition to thence tightly packed into existent pork intestines 腸衣 stretching it to the max to brand the plump sticky rice sausage.

福榕記大肠包小肠 every bit good brand their ain pork sausages. For this , they purpose warm body 溫體肉 fresh pork ham that is never chilled , never frozen. (溫體肉 is a luxury non available inwards Singapore.)

The lean pork ham is minced together with pork fatty at 70% / 30% ratio. 福榕記 adds inwards kaoliang 高粱酒 (sorghum vodka) when grinding the mince pork. Like the sticky rice sausage , the minced pork is packed snugly into bugling ropes of existent pork intestines.

At the black marketplace position , the rice in addition to pork sausages are freshly grilled over crimson hot charcoal.

The charcoal grilled sticky rice sausage is slitted downward along the middle. The separate opened upwardly sausage is given a squirt of sauce , in addition to thence packed with chopped chai poh 菜脯 (preserved radish) in addition to julienned cucumber. The grand finishing touching on is to operate yesteryear it with a grilled sizzling pork sausage.

Fans of 福榕記大肠包小肠 are crazy close the juicy pork sausage in addition to sticky rice sausage. 福榕記 sausages are packed with robust savoury sugariness flavours. The chai poh in addition to julienned cucumber add together flavor in addition to juicy compaction to the meaty starchy street snack.

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