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Taipei Liaoning Nighttime Marketplace Oyster Omelette Orh Chien. 遼寧夜 市.勝利號蚝仔煎 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name勝利號蚵仔煎 
Address: Intersection of Lane 45 , Longjiang Road in addition to Liaoning Street , Taipei 遼寧夜市 , 台北市中山區遼寧街65號對面 
GPS: 25°02'57.1"N 121°32'31.7"E | 25.049204 , 121.542147
Nearest MRT: Nanjing Fuxing Station 南京復興站
Tel:  +886 ii 2731 6452
Hours: 5:00pm - 11:00pm (Sunday off)

勝利號蚝仔煎 Oyster omelette stall founded nearly l years agone is 1 of the Must Try stalwarts at Liaoning Night Market 遼寧夜市 inwards Taipei.

The stall is instantly run past times 3rd generation possessor 陳玉真 - the stall was founded past times her grandma.

Youthful 陳玉真 is a master copy inwards frying oyster omelette (orh chien) - the uncomplicated looking dish is demanding equally it is sensitive to skillful command of heat. 玉真 tosses a handful of fresh plump oysters onto the sizzling apartment griddle , bathes it amongst splashes of watery sugariness murphy batter , in addition to thence cracks in addition to spread an egg over it. She equally good dashes spoonfuls of savoury fish sauce over the omelette.

勝利號蚝仔煎 stall uses plump fresh local Taiwanese oysters from Chiayi County which are known for its sweetness.

The oyster omelette is allowed to sizzle on the hot griddle till the sugariness murphy batter in addition to egg stiffens , belongings the oysters inwards it. 玉真 lifts the oyster omelette from the griddle in 1 lawsuit a slight charring appears at the omelette's fringe.

勝利號蚝仔煎's signature oyster omelette has a clutch of crunchy fresh kang kong greens 空心菜 (convolvulus) inwards the omelette

The oyster omelette is eaten amongst a mildly spicy or sugariness savoury sauce. Many customers pour both sauces together over their oyster omelette.

Customers (many multi generation regulars) like 勝利號蚝仔煎 because the oysters are cooked through nonetheless they rest tender in addition to juicy amongst natural flavours intact. Regulars appreciate the lineament of 勝利號's fresh Chiayi plump polish sugariness oysters. The fried sugariness murphy batter is tender , stretchy amongst a slight springy chew. The crunchy kang kong is equally good a winner amongst customers.

勝利號蚝仔煎 stall equally good serves oyster soup which is fresh oysters cooked inwards a broth made amongst pork stock bones - the oyster soup goes perfectly together amongst the oyster omelette.

Non Halal

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