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Taiwan Celebrity Recommended Oyster Mee Sua Noodles 台西港蚵仔麵線 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name台西港蚵仔麵線
Address: No. 51 , Jinlong Road , Neihu District , Taipei City , Taiwan 114 | 台北市內湖區金龍路51號
GPS25°05'05.7"N 121°35'36.7"E | 25.084920 , 121.593527
Nearest MRTNeihu Station 捷運內湖站 (use Exit 1)
Tel+886 two 2794 6888
Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm

How much create Taiwanese dear oyster mee sua (rice noodles)?

Some people tell that whatever Taiwanese who does non taste oyster mee sua , cannot claim to last 1 😄 Oyster mee sua stalls as well as shops are everywhere inward Taiwan. Many are real famous as well as everyone has their ain personal favourites.

This humble petty store 台西港蚵仔麵線 in Taipei's Neihu District serves over 500 bowls of the noodles a twenty-four hr menstruation (2011) as well as counts pop actress / TV host / vocalist 苗可麗 equally 1 of its ardent fans. 

台西港 serves a fully loaded oyster mee sua - in every bowl at that spot are fresh oysters , braised pork intestines as well as blanched fresh lean pork. 台西港 also serves it at a real competitive toll (NT$40 inward 2011).

Owner 陳良國 uses 尚青 (freshest) large , plump oysters which he washes earlier tossing in equal parts of white patato as well as tapioca flour. The pulverization coat keeps the oyster soft as well as juicy within afterwards cooking , as well as slippery polish outside.

The gustation of dried bonito is potent inward the gummy broth thickened amongst white patato as well as tapioca flour.

The mitt made mee sua dissolves slightly , melding together amongst the savoury starchy broth. The savoury sweetness noodles though soft yet accept a fleck of restrain to the bite.

Customers enjoy 台西港's oyster mee sua amongst their spicy employment solid made chili sauce.

台西港 is also pop for their 甜不辣 (radish , pork blood curd , tofu , fish cake etc amongst sweetness sauce) as well as rice cake which are eaten equally a ready together amongst the oyster mee sua (set costs NT$115 inward 2011) - that's equally good much nutrient for me 😱

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