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Taiwan Fried Popcorn Chicken Inwards Dazhi Taipei 大直台灣鹽酥雞 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Taiwan Fried Chicken 台灣鹽酥雞
Address: No. 530 , Beian Road , Zhongshan District , Taipei City , Taiwan 10491 (This is the founding shop. There are several franchise outlets.)
GPS: 25°04'47.2"N 121°32'47.9"E | 25.079779 , 121.546625
Tel: +886 ii 2532 1591
Nearest MRT: Steps from Dazhi 捷運大直站 Exit 2
Hours: 10:30am to 3:00am

Popcorn chicken 鹽酥雞 is 1 of the near pop street nutrient inwards Taiwan. There are 3000 , mayhap 4000 places selling popcorn chicken , from nighttime markets , nutrient courts to fifty-fifty restaurants. 台灣鹽酥雞 is the live on past times selling popcorn chicken store inwards Taiwan - which is a huge achievement every bit popcorn chicken stalls are everywhere on the island. 

Boss 洪誌謙 has come upwards a long was from his mum's street side force cart popcorn chicken stall. He worked at his mum's popcorn chicken force cart stall since he was fourteen years quondam in addition to took over her job concern 20 years agone (against her wishes every bit she doesn't desire her children to follow inwards her footsteps).

台灣鹽酥雞 shop serves a broad arrive at fried foods - 65 dissimilar types of fried goodies from seafood , diverse meats , tofu to vegetables. Popcorn chicken is 洪誌謙's claim to fame in addition to however the best seller.

There is ever a long queue at 台灣鹽酥雞 shop which is steps from Dazhi MRT station - super accessible.

台灣鹽酥雞 uses fresh chicken 溫體肉 that is never chilled , never frozen (something non possible inwards Singapore). The chicken are slaughtered in addition to served within hours of slaughtering.

台灣鹽酥雞 uses 45 twenty-four hours quondam chicken (not hormone fatten xxx twenty-four hours quondam birds).

The chicken meat is cutting into 5cm past times 5cm seize alongside teeth size cubes. The chicken cubes are marinated alongside over 10 types of herbs , onion puree in addition to rice wine. The chicken cubes are tumbled in addition to churned inwards a rotating steel tub , vacuum sealed in addition to pressurised for xxx minutes thus the savoury sweetness marination is massaged deeply into the chicken cubes.

The chicken cubes are thus battered alongside a blend of corn , sweetness murphy , murphy flour etc. The battered chicken cubes are deep fried inwards build clean 180℃ hot oil. 台灣鹽酥雞 changes their frying crude oil twice a day.

The golden brownish popcorn chicken are dusted alongside 胡椒鹽 pepper in addition to tabular array salt earlier serving. Every slice of chicken cube is consistently delicious.

Customers like 台灣鹽酥雞 because it is crispy exterior in addition to tender juicy sweetness inside. The ingredients are fresh in addition to service is fast despite the long queue. Fans also similar their proprietary savoury spicy sauces in addition to seasoning powders.

Try also 台灣鹽酥雞's premium fried beef cubes in addition to large octopus tentacles.

Non Halal

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