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Taiwan Street Food. Cheng Zu Pepper Cake At Shilin Nighttime Marketplace 丞祖胡椒餅 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Cheng Zu Pepper Cake 丞祖胡椒餅
Address: Wenlin Road , Lane 101 , Shilin Night Market , Taipei 台北市士林區文林路101巷2號 (the stall is beside Yangming Theatre 陽明戲院)
GPS25°05'17.2"N 121°31'33.6"E | 25.088096 , 121.526003
Nearest MRT: Jiantan Station 剑潭站 (5 minutes walk heading due north later exiting station. When yous operate yesteryear a KFC along Wenlin Road , yous are one-half agency there.)
Tel+886 919 272 735
Hours: 2:00pm - 1:00am daily

Cheng Zu Pepper Cake 丞祖胡椒餅 is an over lxx twelvemonth one-time stall (founded inwards 1941) located at Shilin Night Market which is but five minutes walk from Jiantan MRT station (so it is super convenient).

The pepper buns are freshly made too baked at the outdoor stall using a pocket-sized charcoal fired tandoor manner oven. The freshly baked cakes are natural language scathing hot - too then last extra careful. The browned crust is crispy outside. 丞祖胡椒餅's crispy chewy crust is relatively thin.

Sweet odour escapes alongside the steam when nosotros seize alongside teeth opened upwardly the crispy hot bun.

The bun is tightly packed alongside minced pork consisting of fatty too lean meat , too then it feels juicy to the bite. Be careful of hot runny juices running downwards your hands. The juicy pork ball tastes savoury sweetness alongside distinct peppery notes. The light-green gustation too compaction of scallion gives the pork bun around other interesting layer of flavour.

丞祖胡椒餅 uses Black Pig 黑毛豬 inwards their buns for their extra flavour too tenderness. The minced pork is blended alongside over 10 unlike types of condiments , seasoning , herbs , spices , too of course of pedagogy , pepper. 

There are too lots of chopped scallion inwards the crusty bun. 丞祖胡椒餅 uses fresh premium fresh scallion 宜蘭三星蔥 from Yilan County.

Don't miss Cheng Zu Pepper Cake when yous view Shilin Night Market

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