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Tang Palace Mongolian Bbq Taipei 唐宮蒙古烤肉涮羊肉餐廳 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: Tang Palace Mongolian BBQ 唐宮蒙古烤肉涮羊肉餐廳
Address:  283 , Songjiang Road , Zhongshan District , Taipei City , Taiwan 10491 | 台北市松江路283號2樓 (restaurant is at degree 2)
GPS25°03'37.0"N 121°32'00.5"E | 25.060284 , 121.533472
Nearest MRT:  Xingtian Temple Station 蘆洲線-行天宮站3號出口右轉 (just steps away from Exit 3)
Tel02-2505-1029 / 02-2502-6762
Hours: 11:30am - 2:00pm | 5:30pm - 9:30pm daily

When Mongolian BBQ buffet was the raging nutrient fad inward Taipei , such BBQ shops popped upwards all over the city. Now , later on the fad came as well as went , the discover of Mongolian BBQ buffet shops left tin hold upwards counted amongst less than the fingers on 1 hand. Of these , 唐宮蒙古烤肉 notwithstanding packs inward the crowds similar Genghis Khan's hordes , no kidding 😱

唐宮蒙古烤肉 is an one-time store as well as looked that means - it has been or as well as then for over xl years - long earlier the Mongolian BBQ buffet fad as well as is notwithstanding thriving spell the others accept came as well as went. 唐宮蒙古烤肉 has a loyal next as well as too novel , immature fans who bring together its growing fan base of operations everyday i.e. as well as then snagging a tabular array is harder , as well as harder 😂

According to legend , Mongolian BBQ originated from Genghis Khan's long expeditions (i.e. invasions) westwards from Mongolia. The marauding Mongols cooked their meat on overturned battle shields , fired past times woods , turning the meat amongst their spears - no fourth dimension to hold upwards prissy 😂 Over the centuries , the cooking manner evolved to today's manner similar the 1 at 唐宮蒙古烤肉 - pans supercede battle shields , long chopsticks supercede spears.

At 唐宮蒙古烤肉 , the meats are grilled over giant Fe pans similar overturned woks over woods fire. The pans are super heated to over 400℃ 😱

The meats are stir fried on the huge pans , the chefs using extra long wooden chopsticks to plough the meat. The chefs splash the meats amongst os stock during the frying , giving it additional flavour as well as to piece of work on it from burning. Action inward the steamy hot kitchen is frenetic to feed the waiting hordes exterior 😂

The boss 陳詠富 tops upwards the buffet work amongst meat as well as vegetables virtually xx times a solar daytime to encounter the need of the ravaging crowd - many hungry , growing teenagers (often inward busloads from exterior Taipei as well as from overseas) 😄

唐宮蒙古烤肉 serves beef as well as lamb from Commonwealth of Australia , as well as fifty-fifty wild deer from New Zealand. There is too pork as well as chicken. They accept over 10 types of fresh vegetables inward the buffet work to swallow amongst the meat.

唐宮蒙古烤肉 offers many seasonings for their meats as well as vegetables such equally soy sauce , prawn petroleum , pureed ginger , pineapple , sesame petroleum , pepper , lime juice , rice vino etc. No MSG is used in 唐宮蒙古烤肉 - amongst as well as then much existent ingredients , at that spot is actually no take away for chemic enhancers.

One of 唐宮蒙古烤肉's signatures is their 燒餅 freshly baked crispy sesame biscuits (like fiddling purses amongst a pocket). They are used equally wraps to swallow amongst the grilled meats i.e. the traditional means amongst tender juicy savoury meat inward a toasty nutty crispy biscuit. I am hungry already!

In add-on to Mongolian BBQ , customers at 唐宮蒙古烤肉 tin too accept their meats done inward traditional copper steamboat manner 酸菜白肉鍋 - the charcoal fired type amongst tall chimney. I intend that is a perfect gibe - toasty caramelised grilled meat washed downward amongst meat cooked past times dunking inward hot sourish pickled cabbage stock - shiok 😄 

Meat lovers - don't immature lady this when yous are inward Taipei (but hold upwards prepared to queue , swallow inward a really crowded as well as busy house amongst many charcoal stoves burning).

Note too that beverages are non purpose of the buffet.

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