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The Other Colina Street Fried Kway Teow (In Chinatown Complex Nutrient Centre) 禧街炒粿条 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


Exploring the nooks together with corners of the labyrinth of hawker stalls inwards the sprawling , fourth dimension weathered Chinatown Complex nutrient centre , I stumbled upon this queue together with fried kway teow stall inwards the yellowish zone. I instinctively whipped out my handphone together with started taking pictures. A stranger , a gentleman inwards his 60s , gripped my forearm firmly together with said , "This is the one. The best one. I receive got been eating this since they were inwards Hill Street. It's the same brace , cooking from immature till now".


The gentleman inwards his get-go words to me had inwards the same breath , taken a swipe at only about other fried kway teow stall.

Photo credit: National Archives of Singapore

You run across , at that topographic point were ii fried kway teow stalls inwards the former Hill Street Food Centre (beside the Central Fire Station). When the pop nutrient centre was demolished inwards 2000 , 1 stall moved to Bedok together with only about other to hither inwards Chinatown. Both stalls adopted the same advert , Hill Street Fried Kway Teow 禧街炒粿条.

Both stalls receive got their ain overstep difficult fans. The friendly rivalry betwixt fans of the ii Hill Street fried kway teow stalls almost parallels that betwixt Man Utd. together with Liverpool fans or Barcelona together with Real Madrid fans 😄

Of the ii stalls , the 1 inwards Bedok enjoyed most of the media limelight acre the 1 inwards Chinatown has remained nether the media radar.

Photo credit: National Archives Singapore
This stall was founded inwards the 1970s at Hock Lam Street together with moved into Hill Street Food Centre inwards the 1980s.


While the stall inwards Bedok is forthwith run past times the minute generation , this stall inwards Chinatown is withal run past times the same brace from Hill Street Food Centre (hence , the gentleman's comment).


I ordered a $3 serving. The $4 serving comes amongst prawns.

I similar it that the fried kway teow is served inwards a plastic plate instead of Styrofoam plates which most Chinatown hawkers are using since a long fourth dimension ago.


I back upwardly hawkers who produce non role disposable Styrofoam every bit it harms Mother Earth.


This char kway teow is the "wet" type amongst the odour together with flavor which I grew upwardly with. This "wet" mode differs from the "dry" Penang mode which has caught on inwards popularity across Singapore together with Malaysia. 


This char kway teow has chives , lup cheong slices (Cantonese wax sausage) together with blood cockles , the 3 must receive got CKT ingredients for me.


The fried noodles doesn't receive got signs of char or sear but it is withal flavoursome because of the caramelised sweet-savoury sauce , lard together with ingredients. Stir fried amongst sauces , lard together with H2O till the noodles were quite soft , it would live easier to consume this amongst a spoon than chopsticks 😂

The tasty noodles had layers of sugariness savouriness from the caramelised sweet-savoury soy sauce , lup cheong , blood cockles together with egg. The sweetness is quite pronounced , only about other obvious divergence amongst Penang fried kway teow.


I requested for to a greater extent than cockles but the lady boss said no 😂 But , they were quite generous amongst it - virtually v or half dozen pieces. Very fresh , sense of savour genuinely expert , the means fresh cockles taste.


Quite a overnice "wet" fried kway teow but I would genuinely dearest it if the flavours were to a greater extent than intense , to a greater extent than punchy.

My shipping service on the Hill Street Fried Kway Teow inwards Bedok 👈 click. Don't inquire me which I prefer , every bit I receive got non tasted the 1 inwards Bedok since 2014 😂 But , I powerfulness assay afterwards 😄

For this "wet" mode of fried run across hum kway teow 鲜蛤炒粿条 my favourite is inwards Johor Bahru 👈 click. I similar the JB 1 ameliorate because of its to a greater extent than robust flavours but the Chinatown stall genuinely has the border for blood cockles.


Restaurant name: Hill Street Fried Kway Teow 禧街炒粿条
Address: Blk 335 , Smith Street #02-32 , Chinatown Food Complex , Singapore 050335 (Yellow zone) 
GPS: 1°16'57.7"N 103°50'34.4"E | 1.282705 , 103.842889 
Waze: Chinatown Complex Food Centre 
Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm (Sunday & Mon off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 1 Mar 2018  

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