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Top Roast Duck Inward Taipei 萬香烤鴨莊 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 萬香烤鴨莊
Address: No. 116 , Zhongxiao Rd , Banqiao District New Taipei City , Taiwan 220 (at the intersection amongst Chongqing Road) | 台北縣板橋市忠孝路116號 (與重慶路交叉口)
GPS: 25°00'07.9"N 121°27'46.1"E | 25.002204 , 121.462798
Nearest MRT: Fuzhong Station 府中站
Tel+886 ii 2953 6672
Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm

萬香烤鴨莊 roast duck store won the best roast duck inward Taiwan laurels inward 2008 (organised yesteryear Council of Agriculture , Legislative Yuan which is the equivalent of Agriculture Ministry). Everyday , at that topographic point is a long queue at the 25 twelvemonth one-time stall. Waiting fourth dimension is at to the lowest degree xxx minutes , normally longer. The queue frequently stretches across 4 store fronts.

Shop founder/ possessor 王志仁 has been selling roast ducks for a quarter century now.

王志仁 uses lxxx 24-hour interval one-time ducks from nearby Yilan County (east of Taipei). The ducks weigh at to the lowest degree 3.5 kati or 2.1 kilo. The ducks are slaughtered the same 24-hour interval , thence they are ever fresh. The duck cavity is stuffed amongst a blend of over 24 types of herbs as well as spices , as well as rested for 1 hour. The marinated ducks are blown upward amongst compressed air (like a balloon). This separates the meat from the peel as well as layer of fat. The duck is thence bathed amongst hot maltose water. The maltose bathed ducks are air dried nether a fan for twenty minutes. The air dried ducks are roasted inward a hot coal fired "Apollo" (tandoor style) oven for forty minutes.

The rows of golden dark-brown roast ducks amongst a caramelised gleaming glaze are hung inward the window exterior the store. 萬香烤鴨莊 supply receive got away service exclusively (it is non a sit down downwardly restaurant).

Customers don't heed queueing for 萬香烤鴨's roast ducks because they similar the roast duck's crispy skin. The meat is thin withal tender as well as juicy. They similar it that the ducks are fresh as well as the good balanced savoury sweetness flavours are good infused inward the roast duck. They also appreciate that it is expert value for coin too.

萬香烤鴨 serve their roast ducks 3 ways 一鸭三吃. 

First , the duck is cutting into 0.5cm thick slices amongst fatty as well as peel on. The roast duck meat , peel as well as fatty are eaten neat exactly amongst boiled white rice. 

The meat tin also endure eaten , rolled into a canvass of newspaper sparse wheat peel together amongst a stem of scallion , wedge of onion , stick of cucumber as well as a dribble of savoury sweetness sauce.

The duck bones tin endure stir fried amongst vegetables as well as "3 cups" of sauce to brand the pop dish 三杯鴨 - it's non bad beer nutrient 😄 The "3 cups" consists of equal parts of lite soy sauce , sesame crude oil , as well as rice vino (plus other propriety spices as well as condiments).

If you lot similar fatter ducks , the best fourth dimension to swallow duck is inward the Autumn as well as Winter when the birds are plumper , adding a padding of fatty beneath the peel to insulate against the cold.

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