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Ultra Crispy Stinky Tofu Inwards Taipei. Vocal Shang Hao 宋上好脆皮臭豆 腐 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant nameSong Shang Hao Crispy Tofu 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐
Address: Intersection of Jinxi Street as well as Shuanglian Street , Taipei | 台北市錦西街86號 (雙連街和錦西街口)
GPS25°03'36.8"N 121°31'08.0"E | 25.060207 , 121.518879
Nearest MRTMinquan W. Rd. Station (Exit 2) 捷運民權西路站
Tel+886 937 842 110
Hours: 4:00pm - 1:00am

宋佳玲 was a housewife but when her hubby lost all the family's coin at the stock telephone substitution as well as she had but given nascency to twins , she had no alternative but to start her stinky tofu stall to convey domicile unopen to badly needed bacon.

What started equally desperate deed of fiscal survival turned out to live on a approbation for the family. 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 stinky tofu stall was a roaring success from the discussion become - customers similar their tofu's crispy exterior , tender within , robust sauces as well as sweetness pickled cabbage i.e. everything inward a skilful stinky tofu.

Nearly 20 years on , 宋佳玲 straightaway has her ain store inward Taipei as well as a loyal next who are alongside her since the outset when she founded her force cart stall. During these years , many Taiwanese celebrities as well as political figures select visited 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐.

Everyday a queue forms exterior 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 earlier it opens at 4pm as well as many are from out of town , coming especially for their stinky tofu - that says a lot equally stinky tofu stalls as well as shops are everywhere inward Taiwan.

To this twenty-four lx minutes catamenia , 宋佳玲 still serves alone stinky tofu at the 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 shop - a unmarried production that they practise extremely well.

There are 3 types of stinky tofu inward Taiwan. In the due north , people similar their stinky tofu equally stinky equally possible. In the due south , the emphasis is on the crispy skin. In the key portion , the preference is for crispy peel alongside tender insides - non as well as thus much on stinkiness. 

宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 serves the key region stinky tofu - crispy exterior , soft within , non also smelly (so it is skilful for introducing this quaint Taiwanese speciality to the uninitiated).

The cloak-and-dagger of 宋佳玲's exceptional stinky tofu is inward the frying - she fries her tofu twice inward 2 dissimilar pots. The firstly circular of frying is similar other stinky tofu store to crisp the exterior as well as create the inside. Then , 宋佳玲 fries the tofu a 2nd fourth dimension - this fourth dimension but briefly at 250 ℃. This super heated frying seals the stinky tofu alongside a 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 signature ultra crispy outside. It's the niggling departure that makes all the difference.

The 2 pace procedure agency that customers select to await a niggling longer for their stinky tofu but loyal 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐fans don't heed i bit.

宋上好脆皮臭豆腐's chili sauce is made alongside chili padi as well as ginger , as well as thus it has layers of hot spiciness - a gentle ginger spiciness paired alongside a precipitous kicking inward your pants sting from chili padi.

宋佳玲's pickled cabbage as well as julienned carrot are sweetness which fifty-fifty children relish it. 宋上好脆皮臭豆腐 uses 初秋 cabbage which are extra crunchy.

In Taipei , stinky tofu is everywhere. Now you lot know where to instruct the hap stinky tofu as well as thus you lot don't waste matter your trip to Taipei 😄

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