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Urinating Super Juicy Chicken Chop @ Shilin Black Marketplace Reach 😂 新士林倜垂.灑尿雞排 |Johor Kaki Travels For Food

Restaurant name: 士林灑尿雞排
Address: Basement ane , Stall #16 , Shilin Night Market | No. 111 , Jihe Road , Shilin District , Taipei City , Taiwan 111 
GPS: 25°05'18.1"N 121°31'34.8"E | 25.088368 , 121.526320 
Nearest MRT: Jiantan Station 捷運劍札站 
Tel+886 916 038 273
Hours: 6:00pm - 11:00pm daily

Shilin Night Market has a pop chicken chop stall famous for its super juicy "urinating" chops - non a really appetising elevate but it highlights the signature juiciness of this chicken chop.

The aromatic crispy batter exterior is sparse , the meaty slab of chicken is thick , in addition to savoury sweetness juices oozes out amongst every seize amongst teeth similar squeezing a moisture sponge - no , similar "urinating".

The thick slab of chicken pectus is marinated amongst a gooey sauce made amongst 10 types of spices in addition to herbs. The mucilaginous marinate is massaged yesteryear mitt into the tender chicken flesh - the staff taking tending to strip off whatever membrane that may forestall the amount absorption of marinate. The marinated chicken slabs are rested inwards a chiller for 24 hours.

The batter is made amongst a blend of iii types of flour for greater crispness in addition to powdered spices for aroma. 

The flour mix is gently mitt pounded into the chicken slab - embedding it inwards the meat , non simply coating it on the surface. The stance is to non allow the juicy meat in addition to crispy batter split when the chicken chop is served to customers.

The battered chicken slabs are allowed to residuum for twenty minutes earlier frying.

The chicken slabs are fried till evenly golden dark-brown , which takes 6 to 8 minutes depending on the thickness , size in addition to shape of the chicken chop. At 士林灑尿雞排 the chicken chops are never fried inwards volume using a timer - it is e'er manually fried equally every slice of chicken chop is dissimilar in addition to and then needs private attending to larn it right.

Fans like å£«æž—灑尿雞排 chicken chop because it is tender , meaty , super juicy similar "urinating" ðŸ˜‚ , non obese , in addition to the crispy batter is thin.

Needless to nation , at that topographic point is e'er a long queue at å£«æž—灑尿雞排 , in addition to then patience is needed 😂

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