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Where To Become Expert Traditional Nanyang Java Inwards Singapore. Malaysia Boleh! Jurong |Johor Kaki Travels For Food


The humble Nanyang kopi that perked upwards generations of Singaporeans together with Malaysians is beating a deadening but steady retreat. It is non winning over much of the Millennial Generation but as worrying , raising costs together with labour compaction lead keep led to a dwindling of onetime schoolhouse Nanyang kopi shops that practice things the onetime way. That's piteous because traditional Nanyang kopi is a unique agency of drinking java institute exclusively inwards Singapore together with Malaysia.


There are nonetheless a few places inwards Singapore where I tin sack teach for my traditional Nanyang java fix. The java stall at Malaysia Boleh! nutrient courtroom inwards Jurong Point shopping centre is ane of them.


Malaysia Boleh! is an air conditioned nutrient courtroom inwards a shopping centre inwards Singapore , yet nosotros tin sack teach a loving cup of Kopi O for simply S$1. (That's truly cheaper than at many no aircon kopitiams or hawker centres.)

More importantly , Malaysia Boleh! nonetheless makes its Nanyang java the onetime agency - amongst long cervix kettles together with java socks. Not amongst hot gulp dispensers , or worst..... made amongst 3-in-1 instant java (omigawd! what blasphemy 😭).


At Malaysia Boleh! Fresh java grinds are allowed to steep inwards a pot of hot H2O for at to the lowest degree v minutes to fully extract the flavours together with aromas.

Malaysia Boleh! nutrient courtroom teach their terra firma java from Kim Guan Guan , ane of Singapore's operate past times traditional java roasters.


The resulting dark brew is transferred to a long cervix kettle , sieved through a java sock together with served pipage hot inwards a cup.

And , here's ane to a greater extent than vital thing. Making a proficient kopi brew takes science together with years of experience. Ah Yun 阿雲 is a kopi main 咖啡頭手 for over xv years. Not many java joints tin sack boast a kopi main (hence , resorting to hot gulp dispensers or instant coffee).

Traditional Nanyang java which are made amongst Robusta , Liberica or a blend of both , has a prissy kopi odour fresh out of the pot (though non as much as Arabica which is used inwards Starbucks together with the like).

But , proficient onetime Nanyang kopi has trunk , tastes bitter together with slightly ashy (due to corn etc) , together with close importantly , packs the biggest caffeine punch for the buck (or cents inwards the onetime days).

Share amongst yous a lobang - from Mondays to Fridays , 3:00pm to 5:00pm , a loving cup of kopi costs fifty cents at Malaysia Boleh! (the proficient onetime days are dorsum 😄 ).

Tan simi? (What are yous waiting for? 😄 )

Tell me. Where practice yous lim kopi? Please share.

More on Kim Guan Guan java roaster 👈 click


Restaurant name: Malaysia Boleh! Food Court
Address: Jurong Point II , Level iii (at Boon Lay MRT Station) , Singapore
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/ZmFG2  
GPS: 1.340615 ,103.706312
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Date: 22 January 2018

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